Minseong Kwon

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Photo at Gyeongbokgung, Seoul in 2019

Welcome to my personal website!

I am Minseong Kwon, a graduate student at Dept. of Mathematical Sciences in KAIST. I am also a student research assistant at Center for Complex Geometry in IBS. My supervisor is Prof. Jun-Muk Hwang.

My research area is complex geometry and algebraic geometry. More specifically, I am interested in

  • twistor spaces of quaternionic Kähler manifolds;
  • deformation theory of rational curves in projective manifolds; and
  • algebraic varieties with large symmetry, especially spherical varieties.

Here is my curriculum vitae.


Jul 4, 2024 I will participate in KWMS Summer School 1: Complex geometry and related topics, and also give a talk.
Jun 25, 2024 I will present my PhD research proposal.
Jun 3, 2024 I will participate in Conference in memory of Jean-Pierre Demailly.
Apr 15, 2024 I participated in Workshop on Geometry of Homogeneous Varieties and gave a talk.
Feb 15, 2024 I participated in Workshop on Fano spherical varieties and gave a talk.

Recent Publications


  1. Preprint
    Spherical Geometry of Hilbert Schemes of Conics in Adjoint Varieties
    Minseong Kwon
    Sep 2023